“True Italians Know That Gravy Is Not Just For Turkeys!”

Is this “gravy” for turkeys? Definitely not! Everybody knows that Italians have opinions about everything! Especially when it comes to food....  and absolutely when it comes to their pasta! Some Italians dress their pasta with “sauce” and some with “gravy”. When you smother your pasta in our “gravy”, you´ll know from its smooth texture and rich flavor why Frankie´s isn´t “sauce”, and also why it is no ordinary “gravy”!

Frankie´s Gravy is an Italian marinara sauce that successfully reproduces the exquisite flavor produced by the finest authentic Italian chefs. Its uncompromising taste is achieved by using only the best imported ingredients. From authentic San Marzano Tomatoes imported from Italy, extra-virgin olive oils, peeled, hand-chopped garlic, basil, and our unique blend of seasonings, we create “gravy”. The finished product is sealed in a jar to be savored by those with a discriminating palate, and an eye on their budget. Frankies´s Gravy is a true gourmet´s delight- but we only taste expensive!

Try a jar. And while it simmers on your stove, your home will fill with sumptuous aromas, you'll remember festive occasions as well as family dinners with friends, and your palate will anticipate tasting “The Best Marinara Sauce This Side Of Brooklyn!” As if that weren´t enough, there is an entire line of Frankie´s Gravy, so you can enjoy your favorite Italian specialties every night! Select from "Marinara", “Fennel”, “Arrabiata”, “Portobello”, “Puttanesca” and “Vodka Sauce”. Each savory sauce possesses its own distinctly different flavor and is sure to please gourmets and consumers who favor that “simple” taste of Italy.

Just when you think it can´t get any better, it does! In addition to our gourmet style pasta sauces, we also create pizza sauces, with that New York style flavor. Keep some on your shelf and enjoy a great pizza meal at home anytime! Our pizza sauces come in plain and mushroom...  just add your favorite toppings and make a delicious meal- in minutes! Better than “delivery” and for a fraction of the price!
Our Sauces are Available for Private Labeling
Food Service Packaging Available