Our Marinara “gravy” is our first sauce and our “original recipe.” For this, our signature gravy, as well as all the others, we use only the finest imported ingredients. Only Imported San Marzano Tomatoes from Italy, extra virgin olive oil, chopped, hand-peeled fresh garlic, and aromatic basil, chopped to perfection. Slow cooking and constant attention yield a product that is second to none.
Ah, Fennel Gravy! A distinctive taste that is uniquely ours. Using our celebrated Marinara as its base, Frankie’s Fennel Gravy is also slow cooked to impart a subtle flavor of anise - classic to fine Italian cooking. Frankie’s Fennel Gravy adds a wonderful sophistication to any dish. Serve it on spaghetti or use it to slow simmer pork, ribs or even chicken. Fennel and pork are perfect companions - try this combination and hit a culinary home run!
Feeling Devilish? Arrabiata is like no other gravy! Laced with freshly chopped yellow onion, lots of freshly chopped hand-peeled garlic, sweet red peppers and crushed hot peppers, our Arrabiata is spectacular! Hot enough for most palates, our gravy can always be seasoned even hotter to incendiary! For a quick meal that will appear as though you slaved for hours, try Frankie’s Arrabiata on seafood and/or chicken!
Portobello Gravy. This Gravy is the ultimate gourmet convenience. Frankie’s Portobello Gravy has it all! Just brown your chicken and stir in our Portobello Gravy for a sensational meal. We use only the freshest portobello mushrooms. Their flavor is enhanced and deepened in a sauté of fresh onions. Frankie’s Portobello Gravy is finished in a slow simmer with Frankies Gravy’s special blend of spices. This gravy is also very versatile; with a little imagination in the kitchen you’’ll be serving up your own gourmet delights!
Vodka Sauce - This gravy has the authentic, creamy tomato texture particular to this sauce. Traditionally, however, this vodka sauce is mild, to be served over penne pasta. We believe our unusual blend of exotic spices and herbs make Frankie’s Gravy Vodka Sauce one you’ll reach for again and again!
Puttanesca Sauce - This wildly flavorful and pungent sauce is filled with fresh onions, black olives, garlic, anchovies (just the right amount), plump capers with an assortment of herbs and spices - almost a meal in itself! We feel we have found the perfect balance of ingredients, but try it for yourself!
Pizza Sauce - Frankie's Gravy Pizza Sauce is a simple blend of our beautiful San Marzano Italian plum tomatoes enhanced with basil, extra virgin olive oil and spices.
Spicy Pizza Sauce - Frankie's Gravy Spicy Pizza Sauce is an extension of our Pizza Sauce and contains hot chili oil and crushed red peppers.
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